Excerpts from the book
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  • Chapter 3

    .....Cancer often happens fast and the next morning I was in the basement of the hospital in the pathology lab collecting my blood stained surgical slides from the pathologist, to deliver to Dr. Stanton?s office. While looking at my blood on the slides, the whole situation became real. This was me! The few sutures and discomfort of the previous surgery were not a real representation of what the true reality had been this past 11 months. Now I had metastatic cancer throughout my lungs and chest. The truth was that I had a couple of weeks to live, at most! After delivering the slides on Wednesday morning, I went home to get my affairs in order. 
    I was only 35 years old. The Oncologist said he would meet with the Tumor Board at Scripps and we would meet on Monday. A Tumor Board is a group of Oncologists that review all aspects of a patient?s case and come to a conclusion about the best type of Chemotherapy, surgery or alternative protocol that will ensure the patient?s quality of life. Hopefully, there would be a cure. A good doctor never tells the patient there is no hope, or you have X amount of time to live. Stanton was a good doctor, however, I was on the inside of the system and with 20 pounds missing in body weight and resting pulse of 137, I knew the end was coming fast, perhaps days or just weeks.
    Easy to Let Fear Take Over When Things Take a Turn
    Thursday morning was not good. I awoke with heavy lungs and a slight fever. While in bed the entire day, I wondered if my tumors were growing exponentially and taking over my body. The fight in my body was not going well. The fight in my head was not going well, either. This was it, not just it, but IT! The BIG ONE! How did I want to die? How did I want to be remembered?
    I was dying. I sat up and meditated, breathing deeply and slowly for over an hour. The only hope I could have in natural therapy had long since vanished. Cancer therapy itself was as ghastly as the disease. I was trapped by fear. Was this my reality, a death wrought in fear, crying and sullen in the darkness of my own regrets? Whose choice was this anyway? I came to the profound conclusion that it was mine!
  • Chapter 15

    How Male Hormones Relate to Heart Disease
    Before you learn what to eat, we need to knock down each of the big risk factors to your personalized heart health and vitality. As a specialist in hormonal health, it was a shock for me to learn that one of the best prognosticators of heart disease for men can be the signs and symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Men who lose the ability to maintain a strong hard erection are also developing heart disease. Think of all the advertisements on television of the slightly graying boomer with the smile on his face when he can now sexually perform for his younger partner, only as a result of his doctor?s prescription to increase nitric oxide (NO) uptake and allow for better profusion of blood into the penile artery. Medication does not correct the problem and may make it worse. If corrected in the first year, it can be reversed, via lifestyle alone.