Endorsements for the book
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  • Patterson Stark?s personal battle with cancer is a gut-wrenching struggle with a happy ending. If he can do it, so can you. His insights to mind, body and spirit are truly noteworthy. In his battle and struggle with cancer, he has lived the roller-coaster ride of agony and ecstasy. His story will touch the heart and soul of all who peruse these pages...
    I say follow the Stark message... Live Now and Die Later.

    Stephen T. Sinatra MD, FACC Brownsville, VT Author: The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology and Earthing
  • If you have this book in your hands be prepared to be astounded.  It is very rare in life to have the opportunity to gain exposure to decades worth of specialist advice which is tried and proven for such minimal outlay.  We are as a society profoundly privileged to have Patterson Stark amongst us considering his traumatic  history.  He is pure inspiration given that his apprenticeship through adversity has become his biggest asset.  From this base he has dedicated his life to ?paying it forward?.  Honor him by ?paying this book forward? to those that need his midas touch!

    Sally Anderson Leadership Coach/Leadership Retreat Facilitator/Keynote Speaker/Author/Seminar Leader/Master Coach Trainer Sally Anderson International Limited/Freefall International Limited
  • Hi Patterson,
    Tim has just finished reading your book and said to me that it's the best book on health he's ever read. That it's easily digestible, sends a clear message and is inspiring. I thought you'd love to hear his thoughts, and I also wanted to e-mail you on his behalf....
    He said that it was perfectly clear with the 5-4-3-2-1 what needs to be done, he only had one question still outstanding in his mind and that is what's the stance on coffee. I said I would e-mail you and get your official take on coffee, and then he will believe it!
    Best wishes,

  • Thanks to your book, he's (my husband) embarking on a major change in diet and lifestyle, right down to shifting to a more positive outlook. So, thanks again, we're both very happy readers!