A Book Everyone Needs to Read!
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ORDER FROM AMAZON IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE FOR THE USA, CANADA AND EUROPE, HERE IS THE Links https://www.amazon.com/Live-Now-Die-Later-doctor/dp/0473164086

If there was ever a benefit to having "terminal cancer it is the STARK reality that every day counts. My own "near-death-experience" started in 1986. Traveling the planet for the last 29 years I have had the honor of putting together the science and the art of what I have been through as a doctor and patient.  Now instead of eighty percent chance of having a disease take your life, I have found a way to give you back eighty percent probability of never getting those "headless horsemen" of illness and degeneration. Child or geriatric, the code has been cracked.

It will give you peace of mind to know - you too can greatly modify your "risk profile" of getting diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, neurodegenerative illnesses such as MS and Parkinson's, dementia, stroke and others with lifestyle as medicine methods. The practice, science, the personal and professional testing on my own body has taken close to 30 years to perfect. Now we are teaching this model of "Lifestyle as Medicine" to healthcare practitioners all over the world. (www.IAPPL.co.nz) With the information in this book, you too can easily put into practice a lifestyle and attitude of health which will give you objective results.

What I learned academically and from experience had to be put into practice in the laboratory of my own life. Today, I conduct a  "research practice" globally, with clients often reporting what appears to be a miraculous turnarounds in their health and vitality - just from following the StarkHealth Lifestyle Program. I invite you to join us and the many that are now living proof these methods work! As one of the world's most renowned Cardiologists Dr. Steven Sinatra, MD, said "this is a book everyone must read!".

This shortcut to optimal health is called  "STARK-HEALTH" because - I believe we all want to Live Now to our fullest and Die Later with dignity and with peace in our hearts.